From Here | 2014

Visual art commission as part of a collaborative multi-discipline project and exhibition of work made in response to time spent in the areas of Niddrie and Craigmillar. The piece consisted of a large neon sign which invites the audience to listen to recorded local stories broadcast from the earth below. The project was devised and created by the young people of Craigmillar and Niddrie in collaboration with Lou Brodie, funded by The Heritage Lottery and partnered by Historic Scotland, Lyra Theatre and Imaginate.

From_Here_Exhibition-11[image and featured photographs above by Kat Gollock].

We are From Here
Here is Home
Here is familiar
Here is complicated
Here is the street that I live on, the paths that I walk and the buildings that surround me Here is where you are

Here you will find a 300-year-old crypt surrounded by the houses of our young families Here we have a castle with views to match no other
Here is a tunnel where battles were fought and won and lost
Here is the railway track; an unspoken border

Here is a community with a bold history not afraid to protest for the future
Here you will find lamp posts lighting pathways of concrete and grass where houses once stood
Here is family, friends and neighbours
Here you will find a statue dedicated to a woman
Here lie the danger woods of horses, bulls and gunpowder
Here you will find a traveling football pitch beckoning those with nimble feet
Here you will find a white house whose walls are soaked in stories
Here you will find an old school now filled with businesses